“Those that cross her path,
Have tasted angels between her thighs,
So, c’mon babe
Take a walk on the Wilde side…”

Often compared to the wildflower, I am a young woman of both pure and deviant spirit, naturally equipped with a certain spark that ignites unadulterated happiness in others. My glowing fleur de force nature is one to be both seen and felt. I capture the attention of strangers with my commanding stride, my long, luscious blonde locks bouncing off my shoulders, and my sparkling aquamarine-blue eyes. And lover, I’m looking only at you.

My biggest mantra is that Life is for celebrating. I mark many of life’s moments, from sunlit hikes to moonlit Michelin stars, as being just as significant as the last. Even that first morning coffee (preferably had in bed) when unrushed, can be treated as a gorgeous opportunity to honour the moment… and with a bang I might add; I am a morning person after all. Due to this outlook that I innately posses, I make for the perfect dinner date and worldwide travel companion. Where ever we are, rest assured that I will ooze charm and confidence as we try a delectable tasting menu; I will take on any challenge, from skiing to white water rafting, and I will create memories with you that will last a lifetime, in and out of the hotel room.

A word of warning: Do not allow my golden girl looks and elegant sensuality to deceive you. I am also an intellectual, specifically, a dedicated academic that gets a kick out of picking your brain on a variety of subjects. A particular favourite of mine is that of the mind and human behaviour, a purposeful choice of topic given that arousal and desire begin with the mind. Engaged in such stimulating conversation, excitedly sharing our varied knowledge and perspectives, you will hardly notice as my cool charm tickles the curiosity within you. Well, darling, the feeling is mutual. So, brace yourself, as suddenly the conversation is thrown by a sexy quip closely followed by my playful giggle. A sound you hope to hear many times over.

A light of optimism, my acquaintances refer to me as sunshine personified, and I am inclined to agree for the most part. However, my lovers, London and Worldwide, get to experience the yin to my yang. I am a maverick, unafraid to explore what the alternative life has to offer. I possess a deep, sexual confidence that is both curious and playful, all wrapped up in slinky lingerie so intricate that we might need some assistance to help undress me. Don’t worry, I have some very obliging friends.

That’s enough of an introduction for now. But do allow yourself to browse my online boudoir and continue to whet your appetite. Keep forming an image of Ms Florence Wilde. An ambitiously smart and sexy woman chasing after the sweetest of thrills. Care to join me?

Come a Little Closer…

Age: Late 20s
Height: 5’ 5” / 165cm
Physique: Petite renaissance body, soft and slender
Complexion: Snow white skin, blue-eyed blonde
Dress Size: UK 8 / XS – S
Bra Size: 32B
Shoe Size: UK 4.5 / EU 37.5
Smoker? No, but you are welcome to!
Passport ready? You betcha!
Hobbies: Dance, yoga, hiking, writing (see my blog!)
Collector of: Vinyls, first edition classics, Michelin Stars
Passions: Psychology, Jazz, Champagne, The Arts
Choice of poison: Champagne (Billecart-Salmon, particularly) and Martinis like my bedroom behaviour, dirty or with a twist
Dream date: Right now, it has to be a trip to Florence, Italy. Can you believe I have never been?!