Want a Smooth Booking Process? Here’s how

You’ll soon get to know that I am a light-hearted, joyful type. However, there is one area of my life that I take very seriously, and that is safety (both mine and yours). Without question, screening via one of the options below (take your pick!) is necessary for all new friends. Once this is complete, I will excitedly liase with you via email to organise our date. Please note for peace of mind that I use Swiss-based Protonmail, an end-to-end encrypted email service.

Screening options (one required):

Valid Photo ID: A clear picture of your Passport or Driving License. Feel free to obscure your address.

Companion Reference: From at least one reputable companion who is still actively playing in this World. I suggest that you send two options as this avoids long delays in waiting for a reply. Please include their name, website, email address and social media information.

Employment Verification: A blank email sent from your work email address, and then a link (provided in my booking form) to your company website or Linkedin Profile. Your work email address must be clearly associated with the company.

Leave no Trace: High profile individuals deserve to have secret dalliances too. If you are someone with sincere concern for your privacy then an in-person meeting with myself and a chosen representative may be arranged. The option to sign an NDA is also welcome. Please be aware, I have historical and current high-profile clients, all of which continue to trust my ongoing discretion. My desire is to be an uncomplicated girlfriend, free of drama and full of naughty little secrets!

Delicious Deposits

Organisation is sexy, and I love a diary that is full of all fun things to come (you and I, hopefully). Schedules are hectic for both of us, and so I highly encourage you to plan for our date with as much notice as possible, giving us the greatest chance of a dally. To confirm your date with me, I require a non-refundable 50% deposit of the total consideration, so please have this ready to go when reaching out to me.

I accept deposits via bank transfer (I use Wise), Amazon gift cards and Throne. Any additional travel and accommodation fees are to be paid by you, in full, in advance of the booking.

I truly understand how difficult it can be to plan when to see me with good notice. Therefore, I offer to established friends the choice of prepaying a deposit before settling on a date so that I can prioritise us once you are finally able to let me know your availability. Imagine sending me a quick message saying ‘meet me in the hotel bar tomorrow night’ or ‘pack your passport baby, we’re going to Paris’ — spontaneity is such a turn on!

Need to Cancel our Date?

Life can be cruel and get in the way of a much anticipated tryst or multi-day rendezvous. It’s okay! I am a compassionate woman. Therefore, the following cancellation policy is a fair reflection of the crazy world we live in whilst protecting my need to pay the bills, as I am sure you understand.

For shorter dates: If more than 7 days notice is given, your deposit may be moved to a rescheduled date within a 4 week period. For no-shows and cancellations within 48 hours notice, you will be required to pay 100% of the consideration.

For overnights, 24-hour and multi-day rendezvous: If more than 4 weeks notice is given, your deposit may be moved to a rescheduled date within a one month period. If you need to cancel within 7 days of the start time, you will be required to pay 100% of the consideration.

Finally, in the rare event that I must cancel our date, my first point of call will be to work with you to find an alternative date. If this is sadly not achievable, I will return the full deposit via the original method of delivery. Cancellation due to offensive or unsafe behaviour will result in the deposit being forfeited by yourself.

Cash Payment

The remaining cash payment is required to be given five minutes into the start of our date. I value discretion as much as you do, therefore, if we are initially meeting in a public setting, I ask that you place the consideration in an unsealed envelope inside a discreet item of your choosing, such as a book or a gift bag.

Date Extensions and Same Day Bookings

If we decide that we are having too exquisite a time to end our date and agree to extend our time together (schedules allowing), I will require that this be paid in cash, upfront. For same day bookings, I will require an additional rush fee of £500 on top of the consideration rate.

Hygiene, Health and Safety

This is probably the most important etiquette of all – health, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance, and I expect any gentleman I spend time with to recognise this as strongly as I do. Requests for unprotected activity will result in blacklisting. Please ensure that prior to our date, you are freshly showered and clean. Upon the rare occasion that I deem it necessary, I reserve the right to end our date at any time due to issues or concerns regarding health, safety or hygiene.