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Pluck me out of this online world and plant me into your arms!

Below you will find my secure booking form that I request you fill out in as much detail as possible. Once the form has been sent, I will reach out to you via Swiss-based Protonmail, an end-to-end encrypted email service, and ask for one of the following four screening options:

A clear picture of your Passport or Driving License. Feel free to obscure your address.

From at least one reputable companion who is still actively playing in this World. I suggest that you send two options as this avoids long delays in waiting for a reply. Please include their name, website, email address and social media information.

A blank email sent from your work email address, and then a link to your company website or Linkedin Profile. Your work email address must be clearly associated with the company. 

High profile individuals deserve to have secret dalliances too. If you are someone with sincere concern for your privacy then an in-person meeting with myself and a chosen representative may be arranged. The option to sign an NDA is also welcome. Please be aware, I have historical and current high-profile clients, all of which continue to trust my ongoing discretion. My desire is to be an uncomplicated girlfriend, free of drama and full of naughty little secrets!

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