I live in the bustling city of London. I can spend time with you at your hotel, or I can fly to you if you are overseas.

I started out in the ballet and performing arts industry from a very young age. After many years training and performing, I gave up my dancing shoes (professionally anyway!) to pursue my passion for psychology and human desire.

I have specially designed the booking process to be as smooth and secure as possible. All you need to do is head on over to my ‘Get in Touch’ page, or alternatively, send me an email at florencewilde@protonmail.com with a short introduction, date time/duration request, and the screening information necessary.

I have historical and current high-profile clients, all of which continue to trust my discretion as a past or present companion. My desire is to be an uncomplicated girlfriend, free of drama and full of joy and luxury.

Please head over to my Etiquette page to familiarise yourself with my screening, deposit and payment process before filling out my booking form.

More than! First of all, welcome to my world. I am about to make your year. Secondly, I really can empathise, having explored the perspective of client once or twice in my life (thus far… it’s all give and take after all). It can be anxiety-inducing! Therefore, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email to let me know your position and ease those nerves. My desire is to provide the perfect blend of comfort and excitement for the both of us.

I see clients of all genders, races, religions and sexuality, with or without disability. All I ask is that you comply with my screening. In addition, if there are certain things I can do to make you more comfortable, please let me know in the booking form or via email.

It is a little frightening how difficult it has become to experience genuine connection and chemistry in everyday life. Thus, the GFE is the original relationship dynamic that lured me into this World. I’m your girl-next-door meets adventure-collector; the sexy second wife material that you fantasise about. Fantasise no more! Let’s split a tasty vanilla milkshake and fall in lust, together.

The short answer, yes! This is an option for established relationships, one of which we can collaborate on. Let’s grab a drink and discuss, lover. See you soon x

Under no circumstances will I send any form of uncensored images. Regarding any concern for how real I am, head on over to my Twitter and Instagram. Here you will find many months worth of content and in-person interactions with friends and colleagues that will quash any fears you may have.

See that blacklist over there? Back of the line, sir.

Still have a question left unanswered?

Contact me at florencewilde@protonmail.com and I will answer your question as soon as possible! x